All About Acne

Acne occurs in practically everyone. It is basically a dermatological term used to define the encompassing of clogged pores, lumps and pimples that may occur anywhere on the human body. It is not only restricted to the face; it is also found on the chest, upper arms and back and are of different varieties. Though most types of acne are not life threatening, it can prove to be disturbing at times.

It is usually thought that acne occurs only in teenagers; this is wrong because though it mostly affects teenagers between 12 and 17, it is not basically limited to the age group. It can also affect adults in forties and is usually more severe and longer in young men. Women usually develop acne with their hormonal changes.

Though washing the face is recommended to control acne, too much of washing and harsh scrubbing only irritates the skin and the diseased spots to worsen the case. It is better to wash two or three times a day using a mild soap and then to pat dry instead of scrubbing dry. You find better effects if proper hygiene is practiced with acne treatment products.

There is no actual proof that some diets may cause acne. It is thought that oily and spicy food causes acne; however, different people experience different effects with different diets. So if you feel that some food triggers acne, it is better to cut down on the food and then find out if there is any change by doing so. It is generally thought that acne stops and goes by itself. However, this is not true and it is better to use some of the many acne treatment products available in the market. Sometimes, it may also be needed to consult a dermatologist.

Many people have a habit of popping zits with the hope of clearing it faster. However by popping zits, all that happens is that acne is prolonged and aggravated. This is because the process of healing is slowed down as the bacteria tend to go deeper into the skin. This causes an increase in the infection and also increases the possibility of any scarring.

To conclude, acne is something everyone suffers from at one stage or the other of life. It is not something to be worried about; just use the right treatment and you will be cured of acne pretty soon.