Aromatherapy – Can It Help?

Aromatherapy, an alternative complementary healing art dating back more than 6000 years, uses volatile plant liquids known as essential oils to promote physical, mental and spiritual well being. They work by using the sense of smell to inhale the plant scents and through a topical application on the skin. Some of the benefits reaped include headache and stress relief, healing of wounds, improved sleep, hormone regulation, immune system stimulation and mood elevation.

Since essential oils are highly concentrated and potent substances, they require utmost care in the proper use of them. They should not be applied to undiluted skin, near the eye area nor taken internally. They should be stored in a cool dark place out of reach of children. A qualified aromatherapist can help in guiding you to safely use the essential oils.

When buying aromatherapy products, caution needs to be taken to make sure they are authentic and have therapeutic actions. Depending on the condition or ailment, it has to be determined which essential oils you require and whether you need as a healing blend, a candle or a diffuser in your home. Before purchasing, more research should be done through aromatherapy books, the internet or by consulting an aromatherapy practitioner. The essential oils can easily be purchased from a variety of stores, though generally the best places are from a herb or health food store since they are more apt to care about the quality of the products they are selling.

There are various aromatherapy recipes which are used as remedies for specific conditions:

  • Skin – skin conditions, burns
  • Mood – depression, stress
  • Hair – hair loss, dandruff
  • Body – digestive, colds and flus
  • Home – insect and moth repellant

Modern medical science has proven, and is in agreement with our ancestors, that essential oils have a therapeutic value to our health. Plus an aromatherapy bath or massage is a very relaxng and soothing experience.