Benefits Of Using An Electric Toothbrush

More and more dentists are recommending electric toothbrushes because not only are they safe to use but they can offer better brushing of teeth especially for people who do not brush properly. It is integral to our well being to have healthy teeth and gums which can be achieved by maintaining good oral hygiene.

Electric toothbrushes have a slight advantage over manual toothbrushes in maintaining cleaner teeth since they minimize plaque build-up. Manual toothbrushes normally take around 300 strokes for 2 or 3 minutes of brushing whereby an electric toothbrush, for the same amount of time, can do between 600 to 900 strokes.

Not all toothbrushes are the same and the best electric toothbrush to use will depend on how its rapid motion effectively rotates onto the teeth in order to remove the build up of plaque and prevent gingivitis. Therefore choosing the right power toothbrush to get the job done is important.

There are many electric toothbrush products out there to choose from but one in particular which has shown to be the most effective is Oral B Triumph 5000. This rechargeable electric toothbrush has gotten rave reviews only because it removes stains more effectively, leaving your teeth super clean and feeling smooth. It is also great for kids as the bristles are gentle on their gums and soft on their teeth. The Oral B toothbrush is durable and dentist approved.

Electric toothbrushes offer many benefits for dental care that includes better brushing overall as gets in areas that are missed when teeth are manually brushed plus the end results can mean the elimination of plaque and  prevention of gingivitis.