CCR5 Delta 32 Genetic Test For HIV Immunity

The CCR5 delta32 genetic mutation is a 32 base pair deletion in the CCR5 receptor. HIV normally infects with the help CCR5 receptors. People that have this mutation don’t have CCR5 receptors or have very few CCR5 receptors. This means that they are much less likely to become infected with HIV. Also, people with the CCR5 mutation that somehow get HIV will progress to AIDS slower than the average person.

The mutation is most common in people of European descent, occurring in more than 10% of people. It is widely thought that this mutation evolved during the Dark Ages as a response to epidemics such as the Black Plague and Smallpox.

People curious about their genetic information can buy a CCR5 test from HIV Gene. The test comes with free shipping and arrives shortly after it is ordered. It comes with three buccal swabs, to collect DNA from cheek cells, instructions, and a prepaid return envelope. After the DNA sample is returned, the sample is processed and results are quickly delivered. A heterozygous result provides some resistance against HIV and means that it is less likely to get HIV if one is exposed to it. A homozygous result for the test means that it is almost impossible to get HIV. The only way someone with the CCR5 delta 32 homozygous mutation could get infected is if they had a blood transfusion from a late stage aids patient or if they got a rare strain of the less deadly HIV-2 which is geographically isolated to West Africa.

A test for the delta 32 mutation is strongly recommended to everyone curious about their genetic makeup. It’s a privilege to be able to live during the age of genetic information.