Common Types Of Dreams

Dreams are a series of  images and thoughts taking place while we are sleeping. It is in a dream state where our subconscious mind is exploring and processing things we are going through in life and looking for answers by putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Some of the common types of dreams include:

Normal dreams – which are your usual types of dreams where you accept your dream reality as it is. Your subconscious interprets thoughts from things you have seen or heard during your waking hours. 

Lucid dreams – where you know you are dreaming and are able to direct and control your awareness in the dream.

Daydreams – where you are in a semi-awake state, not asleep nor fully awake.  It begins with a compelling thought or fantasy, immersing into a deeper imaginative state.  

False Awakenings – vivid types of dreams where you are dreaming you are waking up as normal and doing your usual things in getting ready. Even though your conscious part of your brain is mimicing these things, you haven’t actually woken up and it usually takes something unusual occurring in the dream to shake you out of it.

Nightmares  – a result of suppressed fears or may contain forewarnings of  an event that is to occur. They may also be unresolved problems that when awake are too frightening to deal with.

By knowing the different types of dreams there are can help you better understand your dreams.