Does Strivectin Actually Work?

With all of the skin care and anti-aging treatments that are out on the market today, it is highly recommended that you employ some degree of skepticism when approaching them. While scientists and doctors debate the validity of all of their claims in general, the funny thing is that multitudes of users are claiming results of varying degrees from a few of the products that are on the market.

The reason for the debate is simple and that is that doctors hold to the fact that damaged skin can’t be rejuvenated, so therefore only their surgical treatments otherwise known as plastic surgery are your only option. The fact is, that the makers of products such as Strivectin SD cream never made claims that they repair damaged cells but rather that it works by infusing moisture into the layer of skin that lies between the two top layers of skin cells.

Once the moisture is infused in to this “dermal-epidermal-junction” it is inflated and thickened and the results are that fine wrinkles in the thin skin of the face and hands are pushed up and out. As you can see, Strivectin makes for a highly effective anti-aging cream.