Finding the Right Discount Dental Plan

Maintaining your oral health can be done by regular check-ups to the dentist. But it can be costly especially when more dental work is needed or if dental coverage may not be in place. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, only 59% of Americans are covered through dental insurance which is mostly through an employer. Dental insurance tops the list of where employers are cutting back. There is a large percentage of people that are left without a plan and looking for ways to reduce the ever increasing cost of dentistry fees.

Now there are discount dental plans which are unlike traditional dental insurance as they have no limits, no health restrictions and no endless paperwork to fill out. Participating dentists agree to a lower fee than they normally would charge. This can really help to save hundreds even thousands of dollars and just requires a membership fee that can be paid monthly or annually.

Finding the right discount dental plan can be time consuming as there are dozens to choose from and each have their own fee schedule with participating dentists. One in particular DentaChoice, offers the Aetna dental discount program where you can save 25% to 50%, or more, off dental work and even for procedures required by a specialist. Some of the benefits include nationwide network of 65,000 dental providers, can join month-to-month or yearly basis, all dental specialities including cosmetic dentistry, no waiting periods, out of state benefits when traveling and flexible payment schedule with no long-term contract.

It is always best to shop around in finding the right discount dental plan. The dental health blog provides a great resource of information.