Five Top Low Carb Foods To Trim Your Midsection and Speed Weight Loss Now

Beef – Many people don’t think of beef as a weight loss food, but it can be a very effective tool in the battle against flab. Beef is high in protein, which provides the amino acids necessary to maintain and build muscle fiber which is crucial to boosting your metabolic rate. The more muscle fiber you have, the more calories you burn. Don’t worry, when I speak about muscle fiber, I’m not talking about getting big like a bodybuilder, but lean and tight muscle.

Beef also provides a moderate amount of fat. Yes, I hear the collective “yikes!”. Hold on a minute though. What you think might be a negative is actually very positive for your health, and your weight loss journey. There is a revolution happening in the medical and fitness communities in views towards fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. It’s actually beneficial to your health!

Not only is it ok to eat, health wise, but the fat also provides satiety, that feeling of fullness. Obviously if you’re not feeling hungry, you’ll have less drive to eat unsupportive foods. Beef also takes longer to digest than other foods, meaning less cravings as well.

Cottage cheese – Another high protein food on the list, which helps boost metabolism. Cottage cheese is here for slightly different reasons. Since it is a dairy product, cottage cheese contains quality amounts of calcium, which in recent studies has shown to tip the scales in terms of weight loss.

Because of it’s high casein content (a slowly digested form of protein), cottage cheese is another craving beater. Cottage cheese is great for times when you may go for 3 or 4 hours without eating something. It is also great for a before bed snack. Many people tend to crave sweets before bed. Mixed with a small serving of fresh fruit, cottage cheese can quench your sweet tooth and provide ample amino acids for a good nights sleep.

Blueberries – You may want to throw these blueberries on the cottage cheese above! For some excellent reasons. Blueberries are a sort of superfood. They contain very high amounts of antioxidants, which can help stave off cancer and other degenerative diseases.

So how do they help with weight loss? Well, blueberries contain a high ratio of fiber, which helps you feel full, and they don’t provide an abundance of sugar or calories. The sweetness of the blueberries can crush cravings for sweets. Another great benefit of blueberries is again derived from their antioxidant content. Free radicals are produced rampantly in the body in response to exercise.

Obviously a good dieter will also be performing some intense exercise to get their weight down, which will in turn boost these damaging free radicals. Eating your blueberries will provide the antioxidants which quell the free radicals, which in turn reduces soreness from the exercise.

Thus, you can take less time off from your workouts, and more time heading toward your weight loss goals! By the way, in the Black Book of Secrets, everything is provided you need to know to quickly build a lean, healthy, energetic body. (Without any equipment, previous experience, or starving yourself)

Broccoli – Another superfood often overlooked in weight loss. Broccoli is another high fiber vegetable, packing a solid satiating punch any time of the day. Broccoli is a wonder food in that it contains high amounts of antioxidants, much like blueberries, but contains so little calories that it’s considered negative calorie food. A “negative calorie food” basically means that it takes more energy to digest than it is providing.

The reason I like broccoli during dieting for weight loss is that it can fill the gaps. By fill the gaps I mean those times of the day when you get a bit hungry from low blood sugar, or simply have the urge to snack on something. Broccoli comes through in the pinch, without loading up on calories. Try dipping some fresh stalks into calorie free dip for a nice high fiber, high antioxidant guilt- free snack.

Salmon – Salmon is one of the most popular “weight loss foods” around, and for good reason. It provides a hefty dose of healthy omega-3 fats, a hefty dose a metabolism boosting protein, and a nice dose of natural vitamins and minerals. Very effective for a low carb diet

Omega-3 fats are top notch in that they provide such a myriad of health benefits, it would take volumes to explain. Not only are they healthy, but omega-3’s have been shown to also boost metabolic rate, resulting in faster weight loss. Along with that, it’s anti-inflammatory powers offset much of the bodily soreness and metal fatigue that occur when dieting and working out intensely.

Salmon, like the other power- packed super weight loss foods above also provides lengthy satiety, meaning less cravings. Salmon makes a great solid meal for lunch of dinner (of if you’re really adventurous, I know some people who it eat for breakfast!). Remember, protein is the backbone of any good diet and salmon packs it in. The thermic effect of protein (TEF) is also higher than carbs or fat, meaning the digestion process of protein leads to more calories burnt.