Hair Loss and the Genetic Factor

Although nutrition is always important to maintain health but sometimes there is a genetic predisposition to certain conditions. Hair loss in particular, referred to as male or female-pattern baldness, can be inherited and passed from one generation to another; therefore cannot be prevented. There are many hair loss treatments out there and most need to be started early to show any significant amount of improvement. These treatments though may not solve inherited male/female-pattern balding. This can be frustrating for the person looking for a long-term hair restoration solution.

Hair transplants, on the other hand,  are a permanent solution and can be performed at a hair replacement clinic by  a dermatologist and qualified medically trained staff.  For majority of people, there is one area of the hair which never falls out as it has a genetic code to permanently grow throughout life. It is this genetically-coded hair which is used as a donor for the hair transplant procedure.

Genetic hair loss can now be permanently treated with advancements in hair restoration technology.