Hair Loss – Is There A Solution?

Hair loss can be a difficult problem as can affect one’s confidence about themself. To understand the reasons for hair loss better, we need to know why it happens in the first place. The normal hair cycle growth is 2 to 6 years and each hair strand grows about an half inch or 1 cm per month during this cycle. Therefore at any given time hair is growing on your scalp. It is also normal to shed some hair every day. When it becomes excessive is when hair loss begins. It isn’t limited to men as can also occur in women and children too.

There are a number of reasons that could cause hair loss: an illness or surgery, hormonal problems, medicine, infection or an underlying disease. Once it is determined what is causing your hair loss then a course of treatment can take place.

The most common reason for hair loss in men is that it is inherited. This is referred to as “male-pattern baldness” which starts at an early age. There are different medicines and therapies to help treat hair loss but when these cannot help then a hair transplant could be considered a solution. Hairs are taken out of areas which still contain many hairs (usually at the back of the head, called donor area) and planted in the bald sections. In most cases hairs will grow in a normal way. So simple it sounds, a hair transplant is a highly sophisticated procedure where the right technology has to be chosen. Also it has to be considered that a hair transplant is not a cheap option to fight against the hair loss. So you should take your time to choose the best doctor to do the hair transplant. Anyhow it is the only option, which can really “cure” hair loss in just one day.