Health and Fitness Benefits of Pilates Exercises

Pilates exercise method was developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates, a german boxer. It focuses on controlled slow movements, concentration and smooth breathing. Pilates developed over 500 exercises. The classical exercises combine several principles including flowing movement, breathing and concentration. The newer training exercises are taken from the classical form, which were designed in making more accessibility of exercises to different individuals.

The primary health objectives and benefits of pilates is flexibility, strength and improved core muscles. In the core muscles, there are numerous muscles which balance the spine, abdominals, pelvis and shoulders. These muscles are required in controlling movements, transfer of energ and shifting body weight and movement in any direction. Having a strong core is necessary in distributing weight bearing stress and in providing support for the back.

Even individuals with limited movements, or having ailments limiting them to contraptions such as wheelchairs, can engage in pilates training. This type of exercise method promotes both a sense of mental and physical well being which inturn can lead to a physical inner awareness.

Without developing additional bulk, pilates also strengthens and lengthens the muscles. It is beneficial to athletes, dancers and others who don’t want more bulk. Pilates may also aid people in preventing injuries or those rehabilitating from injuries as is essential in improving balance, posture and circulation. Pregnant women may develop improved body alignment by engaging in Pilates training in addition to its health benefits.

According to Joseph Pilates for people performing pilates exercises in 10 sessions will feel better, in 20 sessions will look better and in 30 sessions will have a completely new body. Pilates training is done carefully and slowly in promoting movements are flowing and smooth, ending with a cool down period and light stretching.

Some of other health benefits of pilates exercise method include:

  • Looking and feeling better
  • Getting stronger, balance, more flexibility and less prone to injury
  • targeting and toning problem areas
  • developing abs, thighs, butts and arms
  • repairing sport injuries
  • experiencing relaxation moments

Pilates training is widely appealing due to the various health benefits it can bring. This exercise program may change the way you think about exercise, your body and overall well being. Pilates exercise program combined with a healthy diet may lead to overall improved well being and good health. But always consult your doctor or health practioner before starting any exercise program especially if you have health conditions or chronic injuries that may prevent you from doing so.