How To Whiten Teeth Naturally

There are many teeth whitening products that promise instant white teeth but most don’t deliver what they promise, some can be harmful and others just cost you money for nothing. There are less-costly and safe natural alternatives for a whiter smile.

There has been an increase in awareness lately when it comes to the chemicals that we are coming into contact with on a daily basis and the effects that these chemicals can have on the body and for this reason there are many people that are seeking natural treatments for everyday illnesses and procedures in, and out of the home. Natural methods are being sought for many teeth whitening procedures to reduce the exposure to chemicals like bleach that can be found in traditional whiteners.

Here are some of the methods that can be used to naturally whiten the teeth:

There are some fruits that have been demonstrated to have natural teeth whitening properties and fruits like strawberries can be rubbed on to the surface of the teeth or even mashed and applied to the teeth a paste, and removed after five minutes of being exposed to the teeth. Lemon juice can be used to whiten teeth but should be used sparingly as the acid within the juice can sometimes cause damage to the teeth while whitening, if used for prolonged amounts.

Raw food and water included in the diet can be an effective way to rinse the teeth and allow you to remove any small amounts of bacteria from the teeth that can lead to staining. Raw, crunchy vegetables can be an effective way to reduce the instance of foods being consumed that can lead to staining through the tooth area.

The best way to ensure naturally whiter teeth is by preventative care that includes regular brushing and flossing  and avoiding things like coffee, wine and smoking, as these behaviors have been known to cause the teeth to become easily stained and weakened.