Massage Therapy Health Benefits

Not only is a massage used for relaxation purposes but also as an alternative treatment for preventing some health conditions. Massage therapy relaxes the body’s tense muscles, eases the mind and rejuvenates the spirt. It also improvess the lymphatic system and blood circulation in the body. Improved blood circulation means that the body’s vital organs are receiving sufficient and properly delivered nutrients.

Some of the benefits of a health massage include:

  • improving the immune system by aiding the body in eliminating toxins
  • a properly functioning lymphatic system that fights bacteria that causes
  • reducing body pains caused by stress and tension such as in the neck, shoulders, back and buttocks
  • decrease in fatigue
  • better digestion and bowel elimination
  • soothing and calming aggressive behaviors, depression, emotional problems and sleep disorders
  • faster recovery time after surgery by regenerating muscle tissues

There are numerous types of massage techniques that are used which can focus specifically on the physiological, psychological or spiritual aspect or in combination. For example, the swedish massage is where kneading movements with smooth long strokes are used which pressure is gradually increased. This type of massage uses a massage lotion or oil and for a first time massage is best to choose.

By having a massage regularly can help in keeping ailments at bay, especially ones that are brought on by muscle tension and stress.