Natural Piles Treatment

Piles, otherwise referred to as hemorrhoids, is a common health condition where the lower rectum veins in the anal canal get swollen and inflamed which leads to itching, bleeding and pain. They are caused by external or internal pressure such as strained bowel movements, sitting for an extended period of time, heavy lifting, poor diet, amongst other things.

Some of the symptoms of piles can include constipation, pain when passing stools, severe itching in anal area, dehydration due to constipation, wind formation in stomach, pain in the anal and lower rectum area that if untreated can become severe, bleeding profusely that can lead to anemia, frequently needing to pass stool which isn’t evacuating fully.

Although there are medications available to treating piles, the chances of them recurring are high even with the most extensive treatment. Therefore using a natural piles treatment can be beneficial in clearing up the condition and prevent it from returning.

Some steps on how to treat piles naturally are:

  • eating a healthier fiber rich diet that includes fresh green vegetables and fruit
  • regular exercises to maintain a healthy lifestyle and control obesity, which is one of the leading causes of piles
  • control constipation by increasing your water intake
  • use cold compresses on affected area for immediate relief
  • a warm sitz bath for controlling piles