Salba: The Emerging Super Food

If you haven’t yet heard of Salba, you will soon – that is, if you’re an Oprah watcher.

Long story short, Salba is a nutrient-rich “supergrain” that was the cornerstone of the Ancient Aztec diet. The Salba website calls it “nature’s perfect whole food” and claims that it is “the richest source of Omega 3s and Fiber in nature”. Only very recently – October/November 2007ish – has Salba started getting national acclaim. Nutritional scientists are learning more about this seed every day, but what they already do know is very impressive. Here’s a breakdown of the nutritional content:

Omega 3s: Move over, salmon. According to the Salba website (which contains FDA approved supplement facts), gram for gram Salba contains 8x more Omega 3s than salmon. According to the research we found, Salba exhibits more omega 3 benefits than any whole food.

Fiber: Until now, flax seed has been heralded as the fiber dynamo of the whole food industry. Well, Salba claims to have 4x more fiber than flax seed. What’s more, Salba’s fiber is more bioavailable – in order for the body to take advantage of flax’s fiber, the flax seed has to be ground in a coffee grinder to remove the thick husk.

Other nutrients: Salba also has 6x more calcium than whole milk, 3x more antioxidants than blueberries, 13x more magnesium than broccoli and more. You can find all the details on this official listing of Salba nutrition facts.

For Diabetics: A study in Diabetes Care Journal published in November 2007 – also found on Reuters – proved that Salba reduces CVD risk factors in type 2 diabetics, which is huge news for the natural products industry. According to the study, Salba assists in the lowering of c-reactive protein, reduction of inflammation, lowering of blood pressure, and balancing of blood glucose levels.

What’s next? Another study is currently in the works to prove that Salba reduces glycemic index when used as an ingredient in recipes or added to meals. In June ’08 another study will be released about Salba’s efficacy as a weight loss component due to its fiber cleansing and detoxification effects.

Stay tuned for more information about this emerging super-food.