Spine Surgery – Studies Showing Long Term Benefits

Addressing back pain and injuries surgically can be life-changing and may be life-extending as well. It was recently announced by Medtronic, Inc that results for a retrospective claims based data analysis suggests that a U.S. patient group who were treated with minimal invasive surgery for their spinal fractures had higher survival rates after treatment, up to 4 years, than a patient group who didn’t have surgery.

Getting back into the game after back surgery is possible even for high level football players whose spines are repeatedly punished and especially susceptible to degeneration and injury. A Northwestern Medicine study revealed that 80 per cent of NFL lineman who underwent herniated disc surgery during their careers returned to play an average of 33 games during the three years after the surgery. More than half of them attained the prestigious distinction as starters at their positions.

The prospect of herniated disc treatment and bulging disc treatment has changed drastically for 60 million back pain sufferers worldwide due to a revolutionary minimally invasive technology called SpineJet, which uses the power of water. The SpineJet HydroDiscectomy procedure takes around 20-30 minutes, typically requires only local anesthesia and often allows patients to return to work and reasonable activity after a week. Patients report 90-100% relief within 48 hours after the procedure, which is praised by surgeons, who find the high pressure water method very safe and effective in removing herniated disc tissue to relieve the pressure that causes back and leg pain.