The Unique Module Of Care

The Lacks Cancer Center is widely known far across the borders of West Michigan for its unique model of care that acknowledges and considers every aspect of the patient’s life. At the heart of this model are collaboration and coordination, which means that precise cancer diagnostic and treatment planning is added by an assigned multidisciplinary team of physicians and specialists – consisting of a radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, an oncologic nurse, surgeon and cancer resource specialist – who involve the patient, their family and friends by personally discussing the most ideal treatment options and promptly setting a plan of action into motion.

The Lacks Cancer Center is laser-focused on its patient. Managing everything from diagnosis to follow up unique care, organized specifically for any type of cancer, whether it’s lung cancer or breast cancer, in one centralized location, helps patients to save precious time and energy, and to focus completely on recuperation.

The unique model of care, the leading position in the acquisition of innovative technology and treatment options in cancer diagnostic services and in cancer treatment, vividly depicts, that The Lacks Cancer Center at Saint Mary’s always seeks to maintain the highest standards of care, providing its patients with true confidence and professional approach.