Whey Protein Supplements – Not Just For Bodybuilding

whey supplements with bodybuilding. If you were to tell your friends yor’re taking whey protein, they would naturally assume that you’re traing to get bit, or you’re training for a sporting event! That’s not always the case though. Scientists are now finding that there are many more benefits to supplementing with whey protein.

Here are some of the general health benefits of whey:

  • Whey protein is excellent for your immune system
  • Whey protein isolate (purest for of whey) has almost no fat!
  • Taking whey can actually help you lose weight!
  • Increased muscle growth
  • Increased metabolism (when combined with exercise)

Whey is here to stay, you’re going to start finding it in more and more products! So next time you’re at the supermarket keep an eye out for whey in the ingredients list!