Why Topical Acne Treatments Don’t Work

You’ve probably seen the countless television and magazine commercials for topical acne treatments and their celebrity endorsers. If you have ever suffered from acne you’ve probably tried most of these products and had little to no success with them. Pads, creams, whatever, it doesn’t matter which one you buy topical acne treatment you buy as they all seem to have the same lack of results. All they seem to do is dry out your skin and make it more irritated. But actually clearing up your skin? No. But acne sufferers are desperate to cure their acne and they keep trying again thinking that maybe this time it will be different.

Why are these topical acne treatments so ineffective?

They are ineffective because once acne has reached the surface of the skin it is too late to treat it. With a topical acne treatment you can only treat the effects of acne and not the cause. Acne’s root cause is the overproduction of oil inside the body. So the best way to prevent acne from occurring in the first place is to stop the overproduction of oil inside the body. This is also the best way to clear up the acne you already have. The acne you have on your face now will go away eventually no matter what you do, the key is to not have anymore acne!

What acne treatment can I use to stop the overproduction of oil?

There are two main choices available to stop acne at it’s source. They are the prescription medication Accutane and the non prescription B5 vitamin based Vilantae which does not require a prescription. In most cases Vilantae is recommended because it does not have the bad side effects that Accutane has and because it does not have these bad side effects, it does not require a prescription. It’s also much cheaper than Accutane.

Why haven’t I heard of Vilantae before?

Vilantae is a newer product on the market as the power of B5 vitamins for stopping the overproduction of oil has only recently been discovered. Vilantae has worked for many people already and they offer a complete money back guarantee so there’s no risk involved in trying Vilantae. As previously mentioned, Vilantae also has no major side effects and a safe way of really curing your acne for good.