Yoga Exercises For Back Pain Relief

Yoga has benefited a variety of health conditions including backache problems. Since a majority of yoga exercises allow the bracing and stretching of the back, there are some yoga poses that specifically benefit the back.

Some of these yoga poses for back pain relief include:

  • Corpse pose – easy yoga pose where you lie on your back straight on even ground. Place arms in parallel to the body with legs joined together and flat. You can also including bending your knees here and there. This is also good for relaxation as lying down you breathe in and slowly and deeply.
  • Moggy stretch pose – simple yoga pose where you stand straight. Properly align your back so is absolutely straight. Keep your knees straight and your hands below your shoulders. Look down gently with your chin tucked in where you gaze at your navel. Taking a big breath and on exhale, raise your back delicately towards the ceiling.
  • Sage Twist – great for back stiffness and to alleviate sciatic pain if practiced daily. Lie down with back on the ground straight and extending your legs in front. Bend right knee and cross over your left leg. With the right foot adjacent to the left leg, touching the ground. Then place right elbow on left know, touching right hip with left hand, twisting just past the shoulder.
  • Fish pose – Lie straight down on floor with stretched out legs and bend both knees. Place the elbows forcefully on ground, pushing them and make an attempt to raise your back as much as you can. Don’t overexert and come back to the standard position, relaxing for a few seconds before practicing again. Start with 4 or 5 repetitions.

The above yoga poses can provide relief from back pain and stiffness. You can learn yoga and benefit the most from it by practicing on a daily basis.